Wardwell House – High Resolution Point and Click Horror Game/Story – Free on Steam

Wardwell House on Steam

Wardwell House is a high-resolution point and click, well, game. To be honest, it’s not really a game in my opinion. It’s more of a story that’s told by 360 degrees panning around the screen of some very nice high-resolution panoramas. The settings and various pictures and panoramas are nicer than they are creepy, at least to me. Let me tell quote you what the Steam product page has to say about Wardwell House:

Wardwell House is an innovative and realistic horror game with outstanding atmosphere. You must find hidden clues and objects of interest that slowly reveal the haunting story. Feel the build-up of fear as you traverse the forest and make your way through Wardwell House.

There’s really not much for me to say about this one. I’ve never really been a fan of the point and click adventure horror genre and Wardwell House really did nothing for me. The visuals were to nice look at, the sound I admit did make the game/story somewhat haunting. But as far as gameplay elements, I don’t you can go as far as calling this a game in my opinion. It’s more of story. But, that is what kept me going to complete this game, so Wardwell House did motivate me enough to finish the “game.”

The game has 4 or 5 chapters if I recall correctly and an ending that is pretty much a cliff hanger. If you’re a fan of point and click, you may enjoy this much more than I did. The story was all right and as there wasn’t really much to do other that point and click at clearly outlined, or dotted in this case, ‘features.’ Various clues are found by reading letters, noticing books, etc etc and you do need to look around and be observant in some cases so that you may progress. I played the game I think in 3 different sittings and I’m going to guesstimate the ‘game’ took me maybe 30 to 45 minutes to complete. I will reiterate the visuals are beautiful in their black and white starkness but towards the end of the game you get a full color picture which is not only briefly shocking, but it made the game briefly more exciting.

So if you think this is something you’ll like or if you’re already intrigued by my less than shining review of Wardwell House, you can click the link at the very beginning of this article which will take you straight to the Steam page for Wardwell House and the ‘game’ is free. I do believe there is a lot of potential here but I think more elements need to be added to truly call it a game, but it did intrigue me enough to complete it and even write a short article/review on it so even I can’t say it’s all bad. If anything I would say it’s on the boring side, but I did finish it.

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