Suicide Forest Village

No Spoilers

Just finished watching Suicide Forest Village and once again it’s refreshing to find a superior screenplay as compared to American redo’s and yes , I’m looking at you, The Forest, which was just an abysmal story and remake.

Aokigahara Forest is a beautiful and expansive forest at the foot of Mt. Fuji, in Japan. There is some lore that states that many many years ago, the Japanese would take the old, the infirm, the senile, the unwanted, and abandon them deep in Aokigahara Forest to wander aimlessly and ultimately die. To get swallowed up by the forest gods who I’m sure many an abandoner convinced themselves was the right and merciful thing to do; anything to ease the conscience. Naturally, it infused the forest with anguish, sorrow, and death which forms the life sucking background for Suicide Forest Village.

One of the reasons I find Japanese versions of American remakes so superior is that even through the language barrier and possibly some loss in translation, the Japanese version of the horror stories tend to fill in details that get overlooked, missed, or simply not put in the American versions for whatever reason. A case in point is the The Ring. One of the things that always bothered me about The Ring was the motivation. Why? Well in the Japanese version of The Ring this gets explained and it makes the story so much creepier, and better. I find the same with Suicide Forest Village. The Forest, the American remake of Suicide Forest Village, is just terrible. It’s not scary, and is just a jumble of scenes with a stupid ending and when it’s all over, I was left wanting. Wanting my $20, my time and my life back.

Now, if you happened to have liked The Forest and have not yet seen Suicide Forest Village I suggest that you do. You’ll get a superior screenplay with drama and scares, plus it will explain what is really going on.

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