Investing & Donations

Donations to Zettabytes.Org or LinuxConnector.Com

Thank you for considering a donation to We accept donations from $5.00US (every little bit helps) to any amount you'd like to donate. Working on a page to list all donations. Stay tuned. Some have utilized the


Bitcoin Donations: 1MWLfN3WoGq9KDc9UkscuVDufcguAkpUrR

Ethereum Donations: 0x10b942a4860f95386553fdfa0455cba999c9ad04 is currently entertaining investors, visionaries, and/or creators to take a stake in the company. Currently we own numerous servers, several domains including a few premium domains, plus the in-house engineering to handle the network, the servers and the security for all. All donations received for are purposed to keep the site up, the bills paid, and the gerbils gerbiling.

Lifelong (25+ years) Unix Systems Engineer with vast Linux experience available for freelance consulting. We can be contacted via the Ionos directory as they are one of our certified partners and our preferred datacenter. Whether you need an administrator to give yours a short break, have a project good for a freelancer, or maybe you need some consulting from someone who’s worked in large enterprise class environments including a stint at NASA Ames Research Center supporting network security give us a call. We have email services, domain services. I’m the contractor usually hired when a company loses their primary administrator and are going through anxiety pains for the loss. I bring lifelong experience and can provide consulting on any project large or small. I can manage any sized environment and the engineer you need to administrate and complete your server heavy based environments.

Please contact if interested.

Currently Owned Domains and Sites Available for Rent, Lease, Subdomaining, Email or DNS:

The sites may be repurposed for any project. We can provide email, subdomains or if interested can lease or sell any of the above domains. We have several shell servers, can handle email campaigns, WordPress website, DNS. mail, web, application and database server projects at the best rates, with instant results and open communication channels. Contact for resume and past experience and accomplishments.