2 More Free Steam Horror Games – 111th Soul & Pamali: An Indonesian Folklore Horror Demo

The following are a couple more free games/demos on Steam. 111th Soul is a short game that’s a bit frustrating to complete, unless you have a real good memory and an eye for the detail of your surroundings. Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror Demo is just, a little demo to show and tempt you to play/buy the complete game. You can click the links on each of the headings below and they will take you straight to the Steam page for that game. Both are free, so go check them out.

111th Soul

The 111th Soul

The 111th Soul had a graphics option called Optimized which I chose to play with. The graphics were nothing special, but that usually means little to me. When I see a game with basic graphics, I just assume there’s a lot in the gameplay, and in this case, there is. You enter a home where you’re to help your brother clean up to get it ready for sale. It’s your grandparents house who have passed away and it’s you and your brothers duty to get it ready for the realtor. But all is not as it seems.

I went back and played 111th Soul for what might be 1 of the last 2 times. I think there’s three different endings to 111th Soul and I want to make sure I got through all of them since the game is pretty short. One of the cool things is that when you try the different endings, once you see/complete those, it takes you back to a save spot so that you can check the other endings. One of things that was just slightly irritating is that you have to wait till the text goes off the screen before you can continue. Though irritating I get it for this game because if it didn’t introduce those delays, you could probably complete the game in 5 minutes without even speed running. The other thing I did for the rest of the playthroughs is I went and changed the graphics from Optimized to Ultra, and it still ran great on my little Nvidia GTX 1030 so if you have at a minimum one of those, go ahead and choose ultra graphics settings. It’s actually kind of nice for me cause my computer is an ancient Dell Optiplex 7010 with a 3rd generation Intel chip at 3.2ghz.

I completed all the endings and this game is not bad. There’s a couple of scares, but nothing that will send you into cardiac arrest. I am glad this game is free though because I might have been a little upset if I paid for a relatively short game. You should be able to complete this and see all endings in less than an 45 minutes.

Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror Demo

This little horror is actually light on the horrors, but the ambiance and dim lighting throughout the game give it a really spooky vibe. Lights are flashing, lights go off by themselves, and there’s cobwebs all over the place you need to clean up. Oddly enough I am just now realizing that this game and the previous one has something to do with cleaning up a house and getting it ready for whatever. Must be a trope or meme I guess 😉 At least it’s not starting off as a car ride down some tree lined highway looking for, a cabin in the woods, a mansion lost and overgrown deep in the trees, whatever. I played this one a couple times but I think I’m going to play it again, for you know, the achievements. 😉

Oh lol, I WAS going to go back and play this again to get all the achievements, but I DID get all the achievements in my second playthrough. Though there is one thing I did which some ending subtext told me I shouldn’t have done. So, since this demo was so short, and can be completed in like 20 minutes, I think I will play it again and NOT throw the scissors away this time.

Also, if you like the demo, you can get the full game for $4.99 or get the whole game with all DLC’s, about six of them if I recall correctly for $11.99, which I am considering, because the demo definitely piqued my interest.

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2 thoughts on “2 More Free Steam Horror Games – 111th Soul & Pamali: An Indonesian Folklore Horror Demo

  1. I ended up purchasing Pamali Indonesian Folklore Horror. I went through the first ‘horror’ I think and I failed lol. I destroyed too many personal items that didn’t belong to me as well as discarding many items that were of obvious occult nature. I did well on the house cleaning and getting ready to sell part, but it’s just not enough lol. I did somewhat enjoy the demo which was in fact my motive for purchasing the full game but so far I am not impressed. I’ve given it a couple chances and I’ll give it one more before I give up on it and possibly refund it. That’s the great thing about Steam. They allow you to refund even titles you’ve had for a while and were not impressed with. This is good policy. I hope they keep it as I’m not ready to return it just yet. Hopefully next time through the challenge I will get it right and move on to the next level.

    The first level, or the initial level where I started, consisted of 3 or 4 nights over which you need to clean up the house. Clear out cobwebs, sweeping and mopping the floor, getting rid of refuse etc etc. All around there are odd items which you might not be sure what to do with? I thought those items should be thrown away, but I was wrong. Apparently some occult items need to stay exactly where they are, i.e., don’t touch them, or you risk failing a challenge.

    Was a bit off putting when I did finally compete the 3 or 4 nights just to find our I failed because I was not sensitive enough the Indonesian horror customs. Hopefully I do better on the next go lol.

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