Lurk in the Dark: Prologue – Free Steam Horror A+ GOOD

Lurk in the Dark: Prologue is a game I started about 3 times and ended up giving up on. It was one of those games that I thought might be too cerebral for me. But come on, how hard can these horror games be (actually, some of them are very hard). Even though the somewhat gothic noir feel of graphics looked and felt great the first few times I played it I got frustrated and quit. However, those other times I approached the game as a one and done. Not this time. This time I put aside the time to dedicate to the game and with the goal of completing the game, I finally got the excellent experience that is, Lurk in the Dark: Prologue.

As mentioned above the feel of the game is a gothic noir type of look and feel with dim lighting and some not too over done art deco elements. It took me about 45 minutes to an hour to complete this ‘prologue’. You’re a police officer on an investigation and you drew the short straw and have to go into this creepy mansion at night to start the investigation. Your not sure exactly what’s going and that’s what you’re here to find out.

The ambiance is creepy as it should be, the writing on the walls by some obviously obsessed off their rocker psycho with too many black crayons goes well with the whole décor. You go through the mansion, explore it, and find items to progress. Just to save everyone headaches, if you read this before you actually play the game, just remember to make judicious use of the right mouse button (RMB). To progress through the game was challenging, but nothing Mensa level. There was one puzzle in the game that was a bit frustrating, and admittedly I went to a playthrough for some help, but I only watched enough for the hint and then I was able to finally solve that particular puzzle and move on.

Lurk in the Dark: Prologue is another free horror game on Steam and I’m going to say it’s one of the better and longer freebies I have tested so far, but I have literally about 7-10 more games that I need to play that are backed up in my Steam library so I might be jumping the gun, but the game is great. As I was serious about playing the game this time around, I tried to complete it with 100% achievements, but didn’t quite make it. I got 8 out of 10, which I suppose is not bad for a first time through to completion.

I give Lurk in the Dark: Prologue an A rating on all levels. Playability is excellent and the graphics are neat. I believe there is another DLC (downloadable content) for like $2.99US and I think I’m probably going to buy it cause it’s cheap and I enjoyed the game and we gotta motivate our developers.

Lurk in the Dark: Prologue is available on Steam for free and you can go to the Steam page by clicking here.

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