Unaware – Amazon Prime Horror

No Spoilers

Another film told the through the lens of an amateur videographer. This is another ufo/alien tale and of all the films I’ve watched on the subject this might be one of the better ones. Sure, suspending disbelief when watching films on this subject tends to be more difficult say than when watching stories of pure evil or ghosts but it’s entertaining to me nonetheless.

The film starts out with our intrepid couple on a road trip to visit grandparents. Once our couple arrive at the quaint little rural home out in the country they discover the grandparents are away at some casino function (gotta love this trope). There’s some petty banter between our couple with her wondering why he didn’t phone ahead to make sure the grandparents knew they were coming and him retorting that it would have ruined the surprise.

We learn early on in the story that the grandfather was in the military and spent some time at Carswell Air Force base near Ft. Worth and Stephenville Texas. Now those among you who know some ufology will recognize some of those sites as they have been locations where major UFO sighting were made. There’s some name dropping throughout the story and we hear about General Roger Ramey, the Roswell crash, President Truman and even mention of Majestic 12 with on screen views of the purported documents that were leaked. These are all major ufological data and anyone who’s spent time researching UFO history or even seen a bunch of movies on it will instantly recognize these names and ideas. I’m guilty of doing such research some years ago which is the reason these types of films always appeal to me.

I enjoyed this story I suppose because of the simplicity of the tale. These days many films try to divert our attention in onscreen visual moments or by concocting some twist in the hopes the story is made more exciting or cerebral. Most times they are easily seen or turn out to be ridiculous and ultimately ruin what might have been a good story. There’s none of that in Unaware so give it a watch.

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