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I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of Turnvex Games and Stanislaw Truchowski’s latest gaming production, by the name of “Within Skerry” with intense interest. I have played ALL of the Turnvex Games and Mr. Truchowski’s offerings to date and not once have I been disappointed. Plus, if you can tell by the price in the title, not only are these games good/great, but they are especially nice to your wallet/purse.

The listing of previous games I have played by these fantastic folk are Minds Eyes, Suite 776, A Girls Fabric Face, Inside Depth 6 (previously known as just Depth 6), and now this great little game, Within Skerry. I have also written articles on these listed games so click the titles link to be taken to that articles page. Additionally, all of these titles run in the $2.99 to $4.99 range so they are very easy to purchase and own. Which is a good thing as a few of these titles have great re-playability in the fact that this software house and games programmer like to have multiple different endings depending on how you played the game, which to me is just great added value. Plus, when I purchased Suite 776 and Inside Depth 6 on Steam I was given an extra deal for buying both games at the same time which saved me another dollar or two! I actually just now checked on Steam to get a screenshot for this article and they are currently running a 15% off special if you buy all of the games I have listed in this article for $14 dollars and some change.

As is typical with Stanislaw Truchowski’s games, they are meant to be played in a single sitting and can be completed in anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. For me I think I average probably an hour and half per game, but that’s only because I tend to be real observant and take in a lot of the game by going over all area’s multiple times. In fact, in some of the games you have to do this to ‘trigger’ something, but there are actually just a few of those. There are jump scares in the game, but they are never overdone, meaning it’s not just 1 jump scare after another. The games are all excellently paced and the hardest of puzzles should be able to be solved if you have say a 10th grade education. But being a fan of the horror genre of games will also go a long way.

There is of course the searching in spoooky areas for keys, looking around for cleverly hidden codes to lockboxes and code sentries, locating crowbars and/or bolt cutters for dismantling locks, which is all par for the course for the horror genre of games. But it’s the ambiance and environs of the game by way of sounds and searching dimly lit areas with a sketchy flashlight or trying to make sense of cryptic clues in scattered notes and/or diary/journal entries in the tropey cabin in the wood’s setup. Turnvex always seem to put together a great story to go along with their games and it’s obvious they enjoy making games as much as we enjoy playing them. It’s all there and as usual Stanislaw has masterfully put together another game I thoroughly enjoyed from beginning to end. Stanislaw Truchowski and Turnvex have put together a winning recipe for games and I very much enjoy it. I mean I do enjoy longer games as well, but these 1 hour+ games are great, especially when you can play them over and over with a different ending and playstyle.

So without anymore needed to say, this is another Great game and here’s the link on steam if you want to go get it: Within Skerry.

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  1. Another great game by Turnvex and Stanislaw Truchowski. I own pretty much all of the games he’s created on PC and they are all great. They are perfect little horror games with great pacing and can all be complete in under 2 hours, even an hour if you’re really good.

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