The Picture in the House – H.P. Lovecraft Experience – Free Horror Game on Steam

I just finally completed The Picture in the House to the end, and it was very satisfying. I had started the game on a few different occasions and got stuck each time. Admittedly I was trying to get through the game quick and that worked against me. I started playing today with the full intention of completing game with the thought of going through the game slowly, paying attention to everything, reading everything, and leaving no books, drawers, or whatever unturned.

I actually don’t remember if there were any jump scares and because of that I’m going to say there weren’t any. If you are an H.P. Lovecraft fan than the ambiance of the game, the readings of the various short and sometimes creepy books plus the dark and creepy surroundings should put you in the right head space for The Picture in the House.

Yes, you have to search through the house for items that will let you progress through the game. As usual these items will be keys or other trinkets that you will need to figure out what to do with. There’s a few puzzles and for the most part I was able to figure them all out, except for one. Admittedly I went to a playthrough on YouTube to get a hint, and fortunately for me, that’s what I got, just the hint. It was still difficult for me to figure out this one particular puzzle and I think maybe I got lucky, because even now I don’t understand the logic behind that particular puzzle. The other puzzles I had to think for a few moments and actually figure them out, but of course when I did I was rewarded.

The graphics aren’t super realistic however they are great the way are and fit The Picture in the House nicely. I had originally turned the graphics options down to medium but in this final playthrough I left all the gfx settings at max and other than 1 or 2 pauses, which could have been due to the fact that my computer usually has 30-40 programs running (most of them browser tabs), the game played beautifully.

The Picture in the House is a great little creepy game and it took me about 45 minutes to complete this time which will more likely than not be my final playthrough. I did get all the achievements, save for 1, but that’s only because I didn’t read all the books as I knew the contents from previous playthroughs. Additionally the game is free on Steam so if your a fan of scary games or H.P. Lovecraft downloading The Picture in House should be a no brainer.

The Picture in the House is available on Steam for free and you may go right to the Steam page by clicking here.

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