Black Box – Amazon Prime – Blumhouse Drop Fall 2022

Blumhouse made a 4 movie drop on Amazon Prime not too long ago (Fall 2022). I have watched all of the movies which included, Nocturne, Evil Eye, and The Lie. Although I have seen all of these movies I think Black Box is my favorite of these 4. All of these movies had great potential and were engaging and enjoyable through most of the acts, however in the end, the end of the movies that is, I think they all fall a little short. However, I was happy with watching all 4. Nocturne was my favorite of the bunch until I finally watched Black Box, which I had been holding off for whatever reason and erroneously thought that it would be the movie I would least be interested in but that wasn’t case. Again, they are all decent movies and definitely worth the watches but be warned they are all a bit cerebral as opposed to blood and guts gore fests.

After losing his wife and his memory in a car accident, a single father undergoes an experimental treatment that causes him to question who he really is.

Amazon Synopsis

I think I enjoyed Black Box the most for the various questions it poses. Though Evil Eye asked some of the same questions, Black Box I believe may be more accessible to wider audiences. Themes of tragedy and loss are some of the primary subject matter dealt with in Black Box with a slight undertone questioning of who we are when it really matters. Though touted as horror I’d say it was more of a dark drama with themes of science fiction to move the subject matter along. I found all of the actors to be competent through their character arcs including the child actors.

I find that with Amazon Studios many of their offerings feel rushed. Based upon their business however I do find Amazon Studios, particularly Blumhouse, reliable enough to put out something I may want to watch though I’d be hard pressed to say that any movie I’ve seen from said studios to be great. The movies are decent. I don’t feel they wasted my time and I think the worst I can say about them is they are not the most original ideas I/We may have seen.

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