Christmas Vacation to Self

Well, looks like I have to give myself a Christmas present. I haven’t enjoyed a Christmas in probably 30+ years as I’ve been by myself alone for the past 30 years. Well I had a girlfriend and a kid in there somewhere, so it wasn’t all bad, but it’s that time of year and the seasonal depression was hitting exceptionally hard now that my dad is having problems with his mind. My mother passed away a couple years ago from dementia and frontal lobe deterioration due to age and that was tough to watch, but thankful at the end. Now dad is dealing with Parkinsons now for a few years he and still has a good chunk of his mind, but it’s slowly slipping away and it’s heartbreaking to watch.

So, I’m gonna empty the life savings, pay off all the credit cards, and board a train to Los Angeles where currently there is a WSOP (World Series of Poker) event going on at the Bicycle Casino and I’m going to enter a few of the tournaments. These tournaments are a little more expensive than the tournaments I usually enter, that being $400 and $300, but later in the week there will be some $250 and $150 tournaments which I will also enter. I plan on entering about $1000-$1500 in tournaments in LA as well as playing cash games in between. If things go well, meaning I place in at least one tournament, I’ll head to Las Vegas and continue. If I don’t do well, I will call it my poker vacation and head back to Portland with memories. I’ll leave $3000 in the checking account for cash for the poker games and tournaments and use my paid off $2-3k in credit cards for travel and accommodations. I found some dirt cheap dorm accommodations in Los Angeles for $36 a night and there’s actual a few places in LA with decent looking dorm style accommodations which is just fine by me. I know, that sounds scary, but it’s in Korea Town, and I’m half Korean, so I’m gonna make the best of it. If poker runs well, then I can upgrade to the Commerce Hotel or something but it will be nice to have good authentic Korean food for the 3-5 days I will be in Los Angeles.

At some point I’ll need to come back to Portland to refill a medical prescription, and I’ll do that when it needs to be done. The WSOP tournament at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles will run till the 23rd of December and that might be around the good time to come back and so I’ll probably stay to the last tournament.

Heh, yeah, $5000 is about my life savings…

Nobody donated $5 to my web site for another year, and nobody has bought any raffle tickets yet for the Southwest LUV Voucher I’m raffling off on December 31st but no big deal. This blog web thing was never about making money. It was always about a place to write down my thoughts, articles, whatever, and if I flipped a few bucks, could be nice, but not what I or the site is about, it’s just I look for that bonus sometimes. There’s a few items for sale in the Shop, some Hosting options, Domain Name Registration, and even on demand Unix/Linux Senior Systems Engineer. So check us out sometime. Additionally we are affiliated and perform contract work for Ionos and you can find us in their directory as well.

So wish me luck folks. If I do well in Los Angeles at the WSOP tournaments, I will reflect it on the web site and some users in the coming weeks. I will post updates as I enter tournaments, and reach other milestones so stay tuned.

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  1. Well, no Christmas miracle wins for me. I lost a little money on the tournament buy-ins but all in all I had a good time, and that was the main thing. Tournaments run throughout the year so there will be others.

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