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Triangle is another title that was always in the lists of my various streaming services. It’s another one of those movies I passed up with the thought that I’ll be able to find something better and will watch Triangle sometime in the future. I wish I didn’t do that. Or maybe the delay in watching this was a good thing because when I finally did get around to watching Triangle, boy was I impressed and happy. Triangle is an excellent movie, in my opinion, and I very much enjoyed it.

If your looking for a mindfuck movie that will make you dizzy going in circles trying to figure out what the hell is going on I can indubitably say this is the film your looking for. You’ll be sitting at the edge of your seat as you take in every minute of this feature film and attempt to decipher just what the hell is happening. Triangle doesn’t present the newest or most cutting edge ideas in film design for this ‘type’ of movie. In fact, Triangle does it better.

Triangle is slightly reminiscent of Coherence (another excellent mindfucker) which is another great film but the solutions (?!) Triangle presents were fleshed out and done much better than Coherence. The two movies are in no way related; I just needed another great film to compare it to because there simply is not another movie that a comparison can be made with. I haven’t written a review on Coherence, I don’t think, but if you enjoyed Triangle, put Coherence on your list of movies to watch.

Made in 2009 and directed by Christopher Smith. Featuring Melissa George, Joshua McIvor, Jack Taylor and Liam Hemsworth (who barely made top billing in this movie). Additionally Triangle featured Michael Dorman, Henry Nixon, Rachael Carpani, Emma Lung and Bryan Probets in the top billing.

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