Malevolent – Netflix Horror

No Spoilers

I found this creepy little film in my Netflix feed. This movie is about a brother and sister ghost hunting team who fake ghost hauntings and other paranormal activity for money. The brother half is down on his luck and owes some money to people who beat him up so he needs to do one more job so that he can pay off his “bills”. He needs his sister to be on board but she’s having second thoughts and doubts and may be getting a conscience. In fact something may have happened and you might imagine her saying, “I see dead people.” She’s slowly picking up the ability to really see ghosts and when she tries to explain this to her brother, well you can imagine he’s not impressed. This might sound like some movie you’ve already seen, or some story you’ve already heard, but in this case it would be different.

The movie starts off innocently enough and then moves on to the client and the haunted estate they have been tasked with ‘cleansing’. The client has some ghosts in her house and she wants them gone. But what ghosts? How does she know they’re ghosts? Why does she want them gone? These are all questions you will definitely get answers to as you watch this movie.

Then the movie takes a vicious turn and the last half of the movie will bring the horror and dread you came to see and you won’t be disappointed. In fact you might be depressed.

Malevolent was a good watch. It’s ominous, chilling, and definitely gets scary in the haunted estate. Our ghost hunting team might have stepped into way more than they bargained for so let the spooks begin.

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