Devils Gate – The Ritual – Abattoir

Devils Gate (2017)

No Spoilers

A pure fantasy alien abduction, sorta, mixed with some middle of nowhere psycho action backed up with some FBI agents hunting down missing persons. Action starts pretty quickly in this one. I kind of liked the 15 ways the story was trying to go before it settled on one. Some G-rated horror for sure, if this can be even classified as horror. It got 5.1 stars out of 10 on and I’m gonna go with that. You won’t miss anything by missing this one but if it’s the only thing around and you have no other choice, press play.

The Ritual (2018)

No Spoilers

Finally got around to watching The Ritual and I thoroughly enjoyed this one. A very well done production with some good characters and some great acting, for the most part. The central them the story deals with while the plot plays out makes for an added dimension of spookiness. Some of the camera work I felt was par excellence. There’s a couple effects that are used in the movie which I feel were pulled off beautifully. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t CGI, but I could be wrong, is the reason I think that. Anyways another one of those lets go out for a walk in nature and bond and oops, discovered creepy log cabin in woods. I’m sure there’s nothing demonic inside. No statues of pagan deities or anything. Oh and the monster. Officially my favorite movie monster of all time. Definitely watch this one.

Abattoir (2016)

No Spoilers

Like a good noire film? Like the throwback into yesteryear? A world much softened when compared to todays fast paced internet thrill a minute need it in a second life, if one must compare. Or is it? Abattoir is an interesting movie. The first time through the movie when I see hooded people sneaking into a house unnoticed I turned it off. I’ve seen enough of people hiding in a house to kill your whole family or friends or whatever to actually be put off by them. Then for whatever reason, probably cause I needed another paragraph to close this review out, I decided to give the movie another chance. When Lin Shaye utters the line “I have that affect on people,” it’s actually in tune with the whole noir (yes, I dropped the e that time) intrigue of the film and could be a shaded remark on the history of horror or her history in it, allegedly. The story developed nicely once I gave it another chance and now I’m hooked. If there’s ever a good reason to go into a forest at night knowing there’s a demonic cult out there engaged in well, not knowing what they’re engaged in, this noire fortunately give us yet another reason. This time it’s to find out what’s going on, since it seems to be affecting our good guys so personally. The movie and it’s premise and the story it tells were agreeable to my sensibilities. When it finishes it ends like a long episode of the Twilight Zone, which for all intents and purposes say is a good thing. If you get a chance, check it out.

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