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Mercy Black

When I heard that familiar Universal intro tune I looked up from the keyboard and saw that majestic Universal Logo scrolling across the screen boldly on the cloud covered background. I’ve been watching so many B, international, underground and film festival circuit movies I had forgotten what that short clip that introduces Universal movies looked and sounded like. Most of the time we see it in theaters on the big screen as the intro to some foreshadowed blockbuster movie we’re about to watch that I had forgotten for a moment I was at home sitting behind my desk getting ready to watch whatever Netflix was recommending. I had finished watching Creep (check blog for that No Spoiler review) not too long ago so the first couple options were Creep 2 and Mercy Black. Didn’t want to go right into Creep 2 as I enjoyed the first one so much and it was still fresh in my mind. The next option was Mercy Black. The short name already appealed to me for whatever reason so I read the first few words of the blurb that introduces the movie. Sounded watchable to my taste so pressed play.

I’m only ten minutes into the movie and I am thoroughly hooked. If nothing else about the movie turns out to be good that first 10 minutes pulls you right in. Shows cut scenes of some event and jumps ahead 15 or so years into the future. Our main actress (actor?) is introduced and the background camera work and ensuing conversation that follows delivers so much it gives credence to that age old adage a picture is worth a thousand words. And we’re only ten minutes in.

Oh my goodness, so many things were so well done. The characters were believable, the intertwined stories made sense, and so many twists and turns this is another flick that will leave your mind reeling and asking questions till the end. This was a really good story put together by some talented story tellers and adapted well and sensibly to the screen.

There’s very little gore and body parts and what it does show is mostly g-rated stuff which is just fine for me. Body horror and body parts is a different genre of film so very little is shown in Mercy Black. Finger removal with a garden instrument is about as much gore as you’ll get and even then you only hear it. The movie weaves together horror story with a whodunit and finally a touch of the supernatural. If your looking for anything hardcore you won’t find it here. With everything that went so well with this film the final moments might leave some scratching their head, but I think they did well enough with what they had. Go and check this out. I’d give it 3 stars.

The Vatican Tapes

The Vatican Tapes

On to the second movie in this double header no spoilers review. The Vatican Tapes. Another big name studio production and this time with big time Hollywood actors. I wasn’t prepared for this. But maybe it had to be a big name studio when the Vatican is involved. This film with no doubt will satisfy the unclean masses and bring about the antichrist reign for how many ever days before Jesus H. Christ shows up and smites(?) him. And if it doesn’t it surely portrays how it will assuredly happen.

With big name studios we get big name actors. With big name actors we get, well, good acting I guess. This is a whirlwind of a movie and it’s packed with narrative, exorcists, and before it ends, the promise of the end of the world. But wait a second. Isn’t the antichrist the prelude to Jesus Christs actual return? So wouldn’t it be a good thing when the antichrist shows up? Confusing, I know. But take it from me, confusing is not only the state of the world but apparently confusing surrounds the coming out of Satan himself. No surprise there.

Not only that, but while the credits roll we get headshots with names of major characters so just in case anyone who watches the movie mistakes it for a documentary of real life happenings, they can be assured these were all actors and not real people, and not a real portrayal brought to the screen with names and faces changed to protect the innocent. 😉 Give it a watch. I found it entertaining.

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