Stories Lost – YouTube Channel

Introduction I discovered a great little channel on YouTube this morning as I was going through my usual routine. “Stories Lost” is the name of that YouTube channel. My personal […]

Spell – PlutoTV

Usually when I feel like watching a movie I will look through the various streaming services I have access to and will peruse the show bill (movie poster), non spoiler […]

The Last Job – Steam Horror Demo

The Last Job is yet another horror demo that I played and downloaded gratis from Steam. It is another short and fully self-contained fun little horror mystery which might take […]

Lunopolis – Found Footage

I discovered Lunopolis relatively recently while perusing various, random top ten found footage lists on YouTube. These lists tend to be similar even among diverse groups of creators, but I […]


What do you think of triangles? 180 degrees? a2+b2=c2? No, not those triangles. I’m talking more of like the Bermuda Triangle of course. Surely you’ve heard of the Bermuda Triangle? […]

Giants – Speculative

Giants, as in giant people, is a subject that has always fascinated me. For the most part giants are at best anomalous persons with overactive pituitary glands and at worst […]

Devils Tower – Not a Tree Stump

I have seen a few videos over the last few years whose subject matter is gigantic trees. When I say gigantic, I mean of the Avatar variety of giant tree’s, […]

The Nazca Lines – My Opinion

The Nazca Lines of Peru. Those mysterious geoglyphs spread over acres and acres of the Atacama desert near the city of Nazca. Sure you’ve heard of them. The hummingbird, the […]