Eve Online Journal – 2021.11.04

This was a decent day. Those first 4 kills, the ones at the bottom of the list I was able to get when I took my Vargur out on a roam. First I killed the Tornado, and then the pod for whatever reason was super slow to warp away and I ended up killing that too. It was filled with a set of mid-grade Crystal emplants, which were worth about 600 million isk so ended up being a nice bonus. The I travelled to Huola and when I got to the Otelen gate, there was a gate camp waiting for victims. Well too bad for them I ended up showing up and proceeded to kill the Gnosis and Osprey Navy Issue.

Later in the day I killed a few more frigates, and as evidenced above a Condor, Tormentor, and an additional slow to act Condor go down. I was in a Thrasher and Merlin for those kills.

I apologize for how the picture the opens this article is kinda of small and possible illegible. You can always go directly to my page on zKillboard to keep abreast of my current kills and losses.

That will pretty much do it for the 4th.

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