Eve Journal -2021 – 11.7, 11.10, 11.11


Instead of posting a broken cut and paste and or a screen shoot which also does does not allow you to get at the underlying information, I will simply post a link the relevant pages of these postings so you can reflect on the various losses in another browser window as you read this, the main article. 😉 So that’s what that leading heading sized link above takes you to, my zKillboard page, or simply, killboard.

Over the 7th, the 10th, the 11th I was able to amass 18 kills and 6 losses in intense player versus player spaceships and implants on the line high stakes world of Eve Online PVP combat!

Lets start with losses. On the 7th lost a Breacher when I severely underestimated a Coercer pilot. Also on the 7th the lost a Incursus to a Daredevil who cowardly busted in on a 1v1 my Incursus was having with a Atron. I was winning of course. But the Daredevil came in and ruined the fight. Such is the dangers of mortal combat in Eve Online player versus player. Next I lost a Vedmak when I was slow to respond to tackle and an Executioner pilot whose friends in an Omen cruiser, a Vagabond assault cruiser, and Jaguar assault frigate decimate me. Finally a lose a Thrasher destroyer to someone I thought was a friendly. Live and learn. I don’t know if that person was just a nasty fuck and took advantage of that situation, or things changed between logins but his Combat Recon Curse was too much for my little dessie.

On to the wins.

On the 7th there was one memorable fight and that one was destroyer on destroyer. I was in a buffered armor Thrasher, and the opponent was in a Dragoon, a nasty little Amarr destroyer. The fight came down to a race when we both entered structural damage however I was comfortably ahead most of the fight. Was a great fight with a decent loot drop. The 10th I had 4 ship kills and 2 pod kills. For the 4 ships kills against frigates I was also in some kind of frigate. You can check the zKillboard link for the details of the 10th. Finally, on the 11th I had 3 ship kills and 1 podkill, and the loss of 1 Thrasher destroyer. More frigate fighting on the 11th and I was able to bag a Tormentor, a Venture, and a Tristan. The Venture was a actually a cyno which I killed while I was in a Praxxis battleship.

All right that will do it for this edition of the Eve Journal. I’ve been bust so haven’t been able to get daily sessions in, but that’s probably for the best. Till next time, fly Wreckless!

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