“The Battle of Vesta and E.T Controllers of Dulce Base… What Went Wrong?”

Battles in space. Nuclear powered fighter space ships. Donald Rumsfeld apparently sent out inter-departmental memo’s on the serious of this, uh, war. It’s the extra-terrestrials again.

Back in August 1979 factions of the planet Earth were en route to Vesta for a peace keeping conference when the extra-terrestrials went Rambo on them. The reptoid collective attacked the brave human astronauts and their allies in the “Secret Space Program(tm)” once again for domination of the, um, solar system?

The story hearkens all the way back to the extinction of the dinosaurs some 65 million years ago or so. Unnamed but highly vetted sources plus reports from real eye witnesses claim that back in the age of dinosaurs there was a premium on capturing velociraptors. The reptoid collective no doubt wanted to harvest the genes and isolate the aggressiveness of the earthbound species, something millions years of evolution have bred out of the reptoid collective. Also, they wanted to get the velociraptors off planet to save their species. You see, raptors were the humans of their time. With large brains, highly evolved, and sophisticated pack hunting methods they were one of the rare species of dinosaurs that were warm blooded, having adapted to the environs of planet earth.

Unfortunately, the extra-terrestrials back then highly underestimated their velociraptor brethren as when it came down to save them, the velociraptors simply ate the reptoids.

Humans took about 6 million years to evolve. Just think how evolved these reptoids have become after 65 million years! Hailing from the Draco star system the reptoids have amassed a galaxy wide civilization and their empire sweeps from the boundaries of the Lyra Constellation to the extreme edges of the Draco constellation.

The Battle of Vesta and E.T Controllers of Dulce Base… What Went Wrong?, Zohar Stargate TV, YouTube

Would you like to know more?

There’s a whole 34 minute video with all the details of this story, based on true events, relayed by reliable eye witnesses. You may click the link in the credit portion of the above quote to be taken directly to the YouTube page that hosts the video or you may view it below. The quote above is my summary of the first 5 minutes of the video to assure you the seriousness of the situation.

The video comes in two parts and feaures:

  • Part 1 – The Battle of Vesta
  • Part 2 – E.T. Controllers of the Dulce Base

I highly recommend you view the above linked video documents and graphic presentations so you are aware of the details and prepare yourself for the possible coming onslaught. As Americans, but more importantly, as members of the human race it’s our responsibility to keep abreast of such information. “Forewarned is forearmed“.

I’ve included an embedded copy of the video below for your immediate perusal. I know you won’t want to waste one second in locating this important information so please, heed the words and call of Zohar StarGate TV, who are the esteemed reporters of this uh, critical, need-to-know, information.

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