Polaroid – Netflix Horror

No Spoilers

I’m gonna guess that if you were born anytime after the year 2000, you have no idea what a Polaroid is. A Polaroid was an old camera that produces near instant hard copy pictures of what ever you took a picture of.

Now that you know what a Polaroid is, and this is a horror, I’m not going to call it stretch or even a spoiler that this movie might be about a camera, that if your picture is taken by it, will end up in you dying.

Polaroid plays out a bit like a teeny bopper movie as it seems there’s just a bunch of teenagers in it. I’ve watched the complete movie and the fact that I finished it and am writing an article about it will tell you the movie is worth a watch. There’s a mystery to be solved as the movie plays out. Time is running out for our group of friends as they are being killed off one at a time by a malevolent entity, but why?

Then we get a nice little double twist action. There’s nothing original in Polaroid however the screenplay was very well done. The entities special effects were decent, and we get a decent storyline with a decent ending that even leaves the movie open to a possible sequel, however I doubt it will be needed.

I did enjoy Polaroid and it’s a good movie to burn a couple hours. The acting by all the unknown teenage actors was impeccable, though in reality I’m sure they are all over 18. Yes, I give Polaroid a pass. If your still in high school you might be a little more scared by the movie, however it’s a decent show for any fan of horror.

Polaroid was directed by Lars Klevberg and written by Blair Butler (screenplay) and Lars Klevberg (original screenplay “Polaroid”). Released in 2019 and featuring Kathryn Prescott, Tyler Young, Samantha Logan, Keenan Tracey, Priscilla Quintana (a beauty), Javier Botet, and some solid scenes and acting by one of my favorite actors, Mitch Pileggi. Polaroid is a drama horror mystery thriller with an IMDb rating of 5.1.

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