Eve Online – Daily Journal – Day 1 – 2021.10.28

Well I re-subscribed to Eve Online, for one month, after a long hiatus from, Eve Online. Long this time means about 3 months. I don’t want to go into the details of why I chose to freeze myself off from society and my beloved Eve Online however I can say the political intrigue at the time was, well, intriguing…

I logged in and looked over what ships I had. I selected my Vargur and undocked. Looks like my old buddy Duboi Dustite is out in space in a Retribution. Let’s go see if he wants to shoot at me. I locate him via my directional scan interface and warp to the small factional warfare ‘plex’ (complex). There he is. As soon as I land I start targeting and shooting at him and he does the same. He attempts to get very close to mitigate damage from my big guns but I have a stasis webifier as well as a grappler which will slow him down and allow some nice hits to whittle away his shields and armor. On my directional scan I notice that another Vargur as well as a Hyperion battleship were incoming with some additional support ships. This is starting to look like a gank. Time to break this off and warp out to safety.

Let’s go test out some smaller ships.

TimeShipPlace Victim Final Blow
Oct 27, 2021
0.3 FrerstornMetropolisArbosar Eslin Penshar (Talwar)
Minmatar Death Squad
rljpdx  SOLO 
Republic Military School
0.2 EszurMetropolisPOWERBOW 69 (Capsule)
24th Imperial Crusade
rljpdx (1)
Republic Military School
0.2 EszurMetropolisPOWERBOW 69 (Omen)
24th Imperial Crusade
rljpdx  SOLO 
Republic Military School
0.3 BosbogerHeimatarjunyue B (Venture)
Sky full of stars
rljpdx  SOLO 
Republic Military School
0.4 AmamakeHeimatarWieriron Afuran (Tristan)
Infinite Pew
rljpdx  SOLO 
Republic Military School

That’s the first four guys I killed plus 1 podkill (the capsule) on my first few leg warming outings and roams the first day I was back. Well, technically 4 ship kills and 1 frozen pod body I left popsicling out in the vast cold and lonely outreaches of the deepest and blackest of spaces. Just being back a few hours I destroyed the ships of these poor souls with a various complement of ships that were in my hangar. I used a Republic Fleet Firetail on one, a Jaguar Tech 2 Assault Frigate on a couple, and a Sisters of Eve Stratios to kill the cruiser Omen, which is a pretty powerful, and expensive cloak based platform I use occasionally. I was just getting my space legs back so I didn’t really have a plan when I took these ships out in turn. Basically the plan was to take each out on a small roam and see what happens, and I just happened to have been awesome, as usual. ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the style of play I enjoy most in Eve Online is known as PVP. Player Versus Player. In this all around free for all format, players are pitted against each other with the background of the infinitely large Eve Online Universe as the world backdrop to stage their antics, and this is no small world… Stalk, kill, market, train, mine, out-compete, out-think, not only in physical showdowns of strength but maybe in cerebral showdowns of marketing and corporate domination, or even a black-ops level of intrigue, who knows what could happen… The intrigue and idea’s on the mind of Capsuleers is almost as infinite as space itself.

Well if you know, or don’t know, I’m one of them individuals the Eve Universe refers to as Capsuleers. What’s a Capsuleer? A Caspsuleer is a near immortal space trucker who make themselves known in the deepest lanes of Eve space. Some of them work for huge governments and/or huger corporate conglomerates. Others populate the far reaching navies of said governments and conglomerates. Still others travel far outside the known lanes of the deepest of space to seek their fortunes elsewhere, and elsehow… Some of them literally ARE truckers, moving product to the deepest recesses of space; buy low sell high… I am none of that, and all of that.

Number one thing is I’m out for number one, that’s me. My ships are my pride and joys and my stable of them the tools of my destruction as well as the levers to keep order from getting the upper hand on me. There was a time when I couldn’t travel to a single system without alarms sounding and militia’s and navies and every cutthroat en route to my destination was lining up out there waiting to pounce on me and get a piece of whatever local or federal bounty I’ve accrued in whatever parts I happen to be in at the time…

I am a solo pilot. Some call me a pirate. Some call me a scoundrel. I vie the space lanes of Eve warily eyed by most and the others give me a wide berth when they see the orange and red skulled danger beacon emanating from my ship. The governments of Eve have branded me unfit to fly in Empire Space so my signaling beacon broadcasts a danger signal. I need ships, ship fittings, ammunition, engineering. I get all that in low security space. Low security space is filled to the brim with pirates, gangs, and all manner of mayhem. My kind of place. I fly all over my local regions looking for ships and people to exploit. It’s the only way to stay alive and keep moving in this, in this, universe…

But most of that should behind me. I’m sure there are some personal dealings out there in Eve space which may still need to be dealt with however we’ll get there when we get there.

Lol, sorry for the dramatics. I’m actually really happy to be back and playing Eve Online and I will play regularly for a minimum of three months this outing. I am a predominantly solo Eve Online pilot however at any level of play one will encounter and play for or against teams. So solo is a relative term ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am going to write weekly journal style entries possibly in character during this round of play to see if it helps, but mostly so I have further content for my blog. So, with that said, thank you!

  • Pilot: rljpdx
  • Home: Amamake Moon VI – Brutor Tribe Bureau

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