Bonus Crypto/Altcoin Update – September 2021

During the last week I’ve seen my crypto investment crest the 3 figure mark, rising above the lofty heights of the 2 figure mark ($35). I’ve seen my investment soar (like Superman) above the $100 mark (like a German Ben Franklin). Okay I’ll stop (like an octagonal red sign). $103.75 is where the balance sits as I write this. Pretty exciting, for me anyways.

I was doing some thinking and started wondering about where investments ends. When do I say I’ve had enough, and pull out the money to put towards some other venture or toy. I suppose some might say never, and the rest would say when you’ve made enough money. I personally don’t think I’ll live either end of that spectrum, at least not anytime soon anyways, however I can say playing with the coins have not come without rewards.

Coinbase offered another ‘Earn and Lean’ quiz today. You can get $3 in ANKR, a Web3 infrastructure and cross-chain staking DeFi platform. This particular test was very short and easy, however the nature of the Coinbase Earn and Learn quizzes make it impossible to fail, so you’ll get your $3 in ANKR in short short order.

And just like that the portfolio gains another coin and bottom line goes up .03% and I didn’t even have to do anything but login to Coinbase. This in no way implies that your going to get $3 every time you login to Coinbase, so don’t even try it, you hacker you. Approximately 30% of my portfolio currently was received through freebies just like this. If you open a new Coinbase account and do nothing but the free quizzes, you’ll have approximately $35 in various altcoins and you’ll be well on your way crypto competence, or you can cash out the $35 and get a burger, and a drink, or something.

I’ve purchased a few more coins and will put out an additional update next week as my crypto/altcoin investments have been on a slow but steady rise and currently sits at $123.54US, $20US more than when I started to write this article!

This will end it for this update but I see exciting things coming to fruition over the coming months and have bigger plans for my next year in investing in crypto/altcoin’s.

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