Crypto Month 4 Check In

Initial investment: $20.00US

Current crypto assets: $43.63US

Profit: +$23.63

Currently Held: Stellar Lumens Cryptocoin (66.6%) & XRP Cryptocoin (33.3%)

Crypto Wallet: Coinbase

Future possible crypto purchases: Algorand, BAT, The Graph, Skale, Maker, Tezos, Cosmos. Will buy some if not a little bit of all sometime during the month of March.

That’s pretty much the break down so far. It looks to me that for the short term, maybe next couple of months, things will probably stay on an even keel however I project some crypto activity this summer possibly. I’m going to invest another $50 or so in USD and probably purchase some Algorand, BAT and Skale, however not 100% sure at the moment. I am still a 100% newbie in the crypto scene so I’m just buying a little crypto at a time with the realization it’s disposable cash. Who knows, the goal is to see where this sits at the end of 2021 as I learn about cryptocoin and watch the market.

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