Crypto Update August 2021

I haven’t posted a crypto update in almost 2 months. Since the highs we saw at the beginning of the year crypto has taken a steady downward swing in the past few months and admittedly I lost a little interest (no pun intended, but true). But looks like there might be some light at the end of that tunnel. For the past few weeks my XRP stash has been steadily rising as well as the small amount of Stellar Lumens that I own.

From a few months of mid to low pricing in our (my) crypto investments things have picked up in the market and there’s a bit of an upswing. My initial value is back to triple it’s original investment and the last time I saw an uptick like this I saw my initial investment grow by 5x, which is not too shabby on any scale.

If anyone remembers back in December 2020/January 2021 is when I started my dabbling in crypto so I purchased $10 in XRP and $10 in Stellar Lumens. To quickly break down all the math today the XRP is worth $34.44 and the Stellar Lumens is worth $23.04. $9.01 of each coin was purchased resulting in +31.5120 in XRP and +30.4337 Stellar Lumens. The odd $9.01 purchase of each type of coin was because of the $0.99US fee per purchase. So an $18.02US investment on day 1, with current worth of $57.48US. Better than 33.3% of the original investment. I’ve seen these particular combined coins grow as high as +$100.00US

Maybe after tracking this data for a year I’ll use what I’ve learned to make bigger investments, but that’s not highly likely at the moment. If you’d like to donate some XRP or Stellar Lumens and have it tracked in my monthly crypto updates, send an email to and let us know your intentions. We’ll then create a special invoice for you to make payment (in Stellar Lumens, XRP, or USD (US Dollar)) and create a paper trail for tracking your donation). All donations will be separately tracked for 1 year at which point we will produce a report which will show the investment track record, and where it might help our organization, the most. Additionally donations may be sent by clicking that “Buy Me A Coffee” button you see in the lower right hand corner of my web pages ;).

Ok, additional coins I am tracking at the moment and have serious intention to purchase in the near future are Algorand, Basic Attention Token or BAT, NKN (New Kind of Network), and Dogecoin. Unless something changes those are the altcoins that have piqued my interest. Mostly because they are cheap, but also for other reasons including hype, altcoin backers and sister companies, and the industry buzz I see on a daily basis.

That will do it for this months crypto update. Hopefully we will see it continue to grow and the next time it hits 5x the initial investment cash it out and have a great Rib Eye dinner at an overpriced but underestimated steak house.

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