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Now for a Harpy fit. I only use one fit on the Harpy. Most ships I have both an armor and a shield version but the Harpy is a ship that I only use the following shield fit with.

  • High Slots
  • 4x Light Neutron Blaster
  • Small Gremlin Compact Energy Neutralizer
  • Mid Slots
  • Republic Fleet Medium Shield Extender
  • 1mn Afterburner II
  • Warp Scrambler II
  • Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier
  • Low Slots
  • EFFA Assault Damage Control
  • Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
  • Vigor Compact Micro Auxiliary Power Core
  • RIGS: 2x Small EM Shield Reinforcer II
  • AMMO: Null and Void, maybe some Antimatter
  • PILLS: Mindflood; Only if you think you might be under neut pressure

This is a fit and ship that see’s relatively little use, as far as me personally. I will pull this out for ANY destroyer or against another Harpy. Before ADC (assault damage control) this ship has a respectable shield buffer of 13,150 ehp with resists at 66%/85%/78%/62% for EM, Thermal, Kinetic and Explosive damage respectively. With everything running including the energy neutralizer the cap will keep everything running for 6 minutes and 30 seconds. If you’re paying attention to your fight you may be able to release your stasis webifier grip on your opponent which will make the fit cap stable. If your using this fit against energy weapons and you are also being neuted, you can cycle web and neut on and off to keep your own capacitor running optimally though I only need to do this under extreme cases when I need to micro manage. You’ll almost never have to do this but I wanted to put that cycling information in there just so your aware of it with this fit plus it’s just good additional tactical information you can use elsewhere if you don’t know it already.

You can actually use this against any other Assault Frigate but in that case your either going to want to close orbit with void or scram kite with null depending on the weapons reach of your opponent. I want to reiterate that I write these articles mostly for intermediate pilots so I do expect my readers to know what kind of damage their weapons put out without having to look it up, as well as know by heart the weapons reach and cycling times (cycling time is not as important with weapons, though good to know, especially if you’re using something like light missiles which might only fire/cycle every 7 seconds or so or whatever the case might be). If you do fight other assault frigates, your going to want to get into DPS race mode with either a keep at 500-1000 or at the minimum be orbiting close up if they are overwhelming you with their dps. However, with all that said, if I were going to fight an assault frigate this Harpy might not be my first choice and depending on the opponent I may go with another ship.

So what is this ship really good for with all those caveats? Well as mentioned it excels against destroyers and works very well in shield fleets. Plus it’s not a bad ship to take on a couple frigates, as long as those frigates aren’t some mix of Succubus, Daredevil and Fed Navy Comets.

Assault Damage Control – I wanted to touch on the usage of the ADC (assault damage control). First off, don’t confuse the assault damage control as some kind of magic module which will keep you alive because for the 10-15 seconds it is active is not really long enough to sway the decision in a fight, unless you use it at an optimal time. I personally use the ADC on this ship in a very specific way. A lot of times one might use the ADC in a situation that makes sense, for example if your making a run back to gate because you’ve just encountered a gate camp. In the gate camp situation you’ll overheat your prop mod/mods and then engage the ADC immediately for your run back to gate so you don’t get alpha’d and wrecked. Because of the respectable buffer and relatively high resists (Harpy has one of the best AF resist profiles) you have a very good chance of making it back to gate and jumping back through to save your ship. But that’s a gate camp situation. What about if your in the plex fighting someone? If this is the case, I usually save the ADC usage until shields are about 66%-75% damaged and then engage it. If you do this it will seem like all damage to your ship has stopped for 10-15 seconds and it’s not random that I’ve decided to engage the ADC at the peak of the shield recharge cycle or natural recharge for buffered shield fits. But of course this is only optimal use if it looks like that 10-15 seconds of not taking damage is going to lead you to a win. Of course this won’t always be the case but this is how I use the ADC on the Harpy. It doesn’t make sense to immediately engage an ADC at the start of a fight (at least to me) or at the very end of a fight when your hull is almost gone thinking that’s’ the optimal time to engage your ADC. It’s not, and if you’re already into hull and engage the ADC, your just delaying the inevitable. This usage of the ADC on the Harpy is specific to this ship, as I use the ADC differently on other Assault Frigates and Heavy Assault Cruisers.

Okay, back to the Harpy. There are people who get tricky or don’t know the Harpy well enough so they armor tank the Harpy. I personally don’t do armor Harpy’s. My reason is that it’s simply so strong as a shield AF (assault frigate) that the shield fit is the only one that makes sense to me.

Ok this ends another one of my articles on Eve Online space ship fits. Now, get out there now and get some kills!

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