Shadow Warrior 2 – PC Game

Was going through the titles available on my Xbox GamePass for PC account the other day and found a little gem called Shadow Warrior 2. In it you play a smart aleck Asian assassin/hitman with a hilarious sense of humor and all types of badassery with Samurai Swords, all manner of guns, devastating melee attacks and a beautiful environment to walk around in. Shadow Warrior 2 is a first person shooter and one of the things that catch you immediately is how stunning and polished the games looks. I don’t have a top of the line graphics card but it looks great. The second thing you’ll notice is the speed. It’s one of those good fast paced shoot’em ups which will remind of you Doom in its fluidity as the only paces offered during gameplay are fast and faster which definitely suits Shadow Warrior 2.

Oh this was a joy to start playing. From the moment you start it eases you into the game before you tackle serious action and the pacing is very deliberate and intelligently planned. For me the game moved from the introductory stage to gameplay without a hiccup and now in my second session I’ve been playing for the last hour. Right now I’m stuck in a building maze trying to find the access to building off in the distance and the building maze/puzzle aspect is in no way tedious or distracting. Even though I’ve traversed the same area’s three times in a row the beautiful graphics keep me enthralled while I find items I missed the first time through the area. I’ve found my way back to the enemies and where I need to be just now and the path to move forward but I’m also at the point where I engage in a fight with multiple enemies and have died in previous incarnations of this particular matchup. The one thing that makes this game a little bit more challenging is the lack of being able to save the game at any point you want. You need to progress through the map to a save point. I have a feeling that I’m right now in between that point because I have to redo this battle now and it’s kind of a ziggety-zaggity not quite memorized maze to get back to if I die.

The original Shadow Warrior game is not available on my Xbox GamePass account but there is a demo which I will download and check out. This is another game that I will have available to play until I complete the game or get sick of it. I usually have 4-5 games I’m playing at any one time and switch them up on different days or a couple hours a day or whatever. If you’re looking for senseless and mindless romping hell of a good time with folded little note filled fortune cookies, check Shadow Warrior 2 out.

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