Here we go!

This blog will start a journey. It will be a journey of the ins and outs of building Linux based servers, it’s subsystems, and initially some WordPress related configuration that might beset one. This site is a WordPress site running on Ubuntu 20.04 if you haven’t noticed yet.

We will be Ubuntu 20.04 centric, but most information will be distribution agnostic. I will assist where I can if if we need to translate commands or procedures into previous Ubuntu distributions.

Primary subsystems we will be dealing with in the beginning will probably be the configuration of Linux itself (basically just install it), Apache 2, PHP, and MySQL, as those are the primary things on my mind and I am currently working on projects which involve a lot of this.

Additionally, we will touch on some WordPress configuration issues. Primary having to do with /etc/apache/sites-available/wordpress.conf, the actual WordPress installation directory, as well as contents and configuration of the files in /etc/wordpress.

Hopefully I have not overburdened myself as I plan to release an article at the most every 3 days or so. Christmas 2020 is 5 days away and I am currently working on 4 LAMP/WordPress projects.

Stay Tuned,


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    1. Well, my first official comment, other than myself. Yeah the content is somewhat sparse with kind of a whirlwind of categories. Haven’t really decided what my blog niche might be. Just sort of using it as a journal at the moment. Thanks again.

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