Solo Gate Camping – 1 Client and 2 Clients Eve Online

Sometimes when it’s dead in system or if I’ve been roaming and can’t find something to shoot at, I will go to that old tried and true, some call spineless, tactic of gate camping. Let me get right into the 1 client gate camp ship.

  • Gnosis Solo Gate Camper
  • High Slots
  • 5x 425mm Autocannon II’s
  • Small Energy Neutralizer II
  • Mid Slots
  • 4x Sensor Booster II’s
  • Warp Disruptor II
  • 50mn Microwarp drive (any kind)
  • Low Slots
  • 1600mm Rolled Tungsten Compact Plates
  • 3x Multispectrum Energized Membrane
  • Damage Control Unit II
  • Tracking Enhancer II
  • AMMO: Hail M, Barrage M, Republic Fleet Phased Plasma, Republic Fleet EMP
  • RIGS: 3x Trimark Armor Pump
  • DRONES: 5x Valkyrie II, 5x SW-300 or 5x EC-300
  • CARGO: Carry lots of Hail and Barrage (1500-2000 rounds) and some Phased Plasma; 100 Nanite Paste

With that fit and my skills this ships starts with an insane buffer of 65,749 ehp, with 67% resists across the board. You can literally take gate gun fire and it would take 10 minutes (or longer) for the gate guns alone to kill you. But of course you’ll never do that. With that fit you can solo camp any gate and catch almost everything that comes through. When you see blue/gate fire overheat 2 or 3 of the remote sebo’s (remote sensor boosters) just in case it’s a frigate so you can catch it. You’re not going to be able to catch everything. Obviously you won’t be catching pods or interceptors (sometimes you do when they fuck up) and fast align ships like the Sunesis and Dramiel but you’ll catch just about everything else. Initially keep your opponent at 20-28km so you can gauge whether you can kill the target under gate gun fire and possibly opponent fire. Once you take down the target, warp to some celestial somewhere so you can shed the gate gun fire, rinse and repeat.

If you estimate you can’t take down the target, since you’ve kept 20km away from your opponent (right?) you can align off to some celestial/station/structure and safely warp off to reconsider what you’ll do next. Before heating any of the sebo’s the scan resolution for targeting is about 1500mm. After adding some heat you can get that number up to 1800+ or so which is pretty respectable for a single ship, a battlecruiser for that matter! I usually have Barrage loaded by default as most of the ships that show up are going to spawn somewhere between 20 and 28 kilometers away from you. Make sure your point (Warp Disruptor II) is overheated just in case your target ends up being more than 24 kilometers away from you. If that’s the case I usually maneuver the ship so that it’s less than 24 kilometers (maybe with a keep at 20km, or whatever) away so I can turn the overheating off on the warp disruptor. The 100 nanite paste I recommended carrying is for repairing heat damage while your in space so you don’t have to return to a station to do it and interrupt your gate camp time. Additionally when overheating guns and/or remote sebo’s take care no to burn them out as you’ll have to return to a station to repair burnt out modules.

However, gate camping with a single ship is not the optimal way to do it, and if you have access to another client, whether alpha or omega you can add a super cheap armor logi. The following logi fit is NOT to be used in any kind of fleet. It ‘s a throwaway fit I only use for gate camping solely as it’s cheap, disposable and super easy to replace.

  • Exequeror Armor Gate Camp Logi (displosable)
  • High Slots
  • 3x Medium Solace Scoped Remote Armor Repairer
  • Mid Slots
  • 3x Coadjunct Remote Sensor Boosters w/ Scan Resolution Scripts
  • 50mn Micro Warp Drive
  • Low Slots
  • Mark I Compact Capacitor Flux Coil
  • 5x Mark I Compact Capacitor Power Relay or Type-D Restrained Capacitor Power Relay
  • Rig Slots
  • 3x Medium Capacitor Control Circuit
  • DRONES: Medium Armor Maintenance Bot

Basically you fly both of these ships to the gate you want to camp, and then put the repair drones, remote sensor boosters, and remote armor repairers on the Gnosis and then you basically forget about the logi repair ship. You’ll no longer have to warp away from the gate to shed the gate guns as the reps from the Exequeror will keep your Gnosis fully repaired.

While gate camping, you’ll need to keep aware of what’s going in system so someone doesn’t put together a fleet or gets a battleship or something to take you and the logi down. I’ll usually have scans set to 14.3au 360 degrees and a overview tab to only show ships and I constantly scan while gate camping. Additionally if I do see ships in system which might pose a threat, I’ll start reducing my scan length to 10au, 5 au, 1au so that I can determine if ships are coming for me or are staying at their distances because they are in a plex, sitting outside their station, tethered to a structure whatever the case might be.

All right, that’s all I think I wanted to write about gate camping. If you’d like to know more or would like me to write an article on a different or specific subject, please let me know.

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