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No Spoilers

Creep has been a found footage movie I have been trying to watch for a while. But I keep missing it when it shows up on my media services or Amazon Prime keeps trying to get me to buy it. Today as I was randomly perusing selections on my Netflix account there it was, Creep. This movie has been given decent reviews by several horror guru’s on YouTube as well as by several random media and review sites on the internet. That was enough for me. First paragraph of the blog down, now to watch Creep 😉

Short non-spoiler intro. A videographer looking for work lands a gig to film someone for a day. I haven’t watched any spoilers or read any synopsis’s on this found footage film so have no idea where it’s going but 20 minutes into the movie we get introduced to someone who for all intents and purposes might rightly get monikered creep. It’s our craigslist ad guy or whatever and he’s paying $1000 up front for video services and this surely is clouding our cameraman’s thoughts and letting a lot of of the creepiness fall by the wayside and out of mind. Money can do that.

There’s an interesting turning point in the middle of the movie that started making me scratch my head. First off from where the movie starts till this moment I had a pretty good idea who the Creep was. Or what it was. Then everything changes and your mind reels for moment to try and figure things out as your scrambled thoughts try to make sense of it all.

All in all for found footage the movie was well done, for found footage. It gives some answers, and leaves others to the imagination as it should. The greatest thing about this movie was the reality of it all. I’m much more into the supernatural and fantastic but watching this movie to the end is 100% going to creep you out. If you’re a found footage fiend like me, do yourself a favor and watch this. Don’t look back.

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