Stimulus Checks

Everyone else had something to say on stimulus checks so I guess it’s my time to do so as well having a blogging platform and all. Which somehow necessitates the inclusion of an article that is stimulus based so here’s my go.

The first round of stimulus checks was very nice. I think it was $1200 or so was it not? That actually hit right on time for me personally as I was able to pay off all my bills and purchase a desktop computer. Having the desktop computer and a larger 24″ monitor was a very nice step up from using the laptop and it’s little screen all the time. The next $600 stimulus check I pretty much did the same. I was pretty much already caught up on bills from previous stimulus check so paid off all bills again, bought a new gaming video card for my desktop computer and put the rest into savings.

Right now there’s a group of republican senators who are trying to reduce the current 1.9 trillion dollar spending plan President Joe Biden proposed. The $618 billion new plan proposed to give stimulus checks of $1000 as opposed to the $1400 which everyone here at this point feels they are owed. But that’s another story for someone else to write. This time around the aid is going to be targeted at individuals and families with lower incomes, which if you ask me makes a bit of sense, but don’t rely on me for anything. $1000 sounds just right to me, $1400 sounds better, but if I get nothing I won’t be surprised. But as far as the track record goes it looks to go as it always has; negotiations are running now ; and at some future date we’ll get the $1000-$1400 we have coming in economic stimulus dollars. I think I like everyone else who responsibly distributes their money will use it to pay bills and be comfortable at home with their loved ones. It’s not so bad. I mean I’d rather be outside doing all the things I use to occasionally do in a free market capitalist’s society but these days I cant help but feel this might be how it was during the days of oppression in some far off and distant hellish landscape right before the end came. So maybe hanging out inside saving a few dollars (if you have that luxury, if not, i’m sorry) or at least just getting by is working for me at the moment.

The previous checks have definitely helped me to come out of some debt. Not all of it, but it has eased the way with what’s probably coming now with a lot of agencies who were holding back billing during the COVID epidemic will assuredly come back with a renewed vengeance when the next round of billing ensues. I’m sure it won’t be that dramatic but you never can tell. I’m sitting comfortably at the moment and with February just starting and being a short month, I suspect it will be easy on the pocketbook and allow me to save a few dollars for the vacation I have planned in December.

I’m definitely in the low income bracket but make enough to pay all my bills and keep a roof over my head. I worked all my life as a Unix/Linux system administrator so the last 10-15 years I have worked a lot of freelance and have a few customers who now give me regular work, in addition to the month to month hustling. I work administrating systems in the various clouds I use to support my business. Like this blog your reading this very minute I built it from a VPS purchased from a well known hosting company and then installed a LAMP stack and then installing the WordPress application to bring you live and in color this very review!

Right now the way the stimulus offer is worded individuals earning up to $40,000 to $50,000 per year would be eligible for the economic stimulus. If you make more than that no stimulus. The total is estimated to be around $220 billion per the new amendments. Currently Biden’s plan stands at $1400 per person which would cost an estimated $465 billion in direct payments, or $1.9 trillion total. Even I can see there’s something wrong with that math but maybe it’s a perfect example we as Americans should expect from our constituents. But either way I fit into those number brackets so that’s going to bias my ability to with good conscience write of my favor of stimulus payments, as I think most would if asked.

So, yes, it’s coming. There’s another check coming. My guess is it’s going to take probably no longer than 2 months from the date of this publication, which will be February 2, 2021 in the AM Pacific West Coast time zone. I’m sure it will be in the $1000-$1400 neighborhood as those are the numbers we see being talked about now in congress and in current economic relief packages related to the stimulus funding. I do believe if we get that one, it will probably be the last one. I had some trepidation about even that second check, but that kind of reverses my thinking now. I think once the final amount is settled on that will be the final stimulus check. But I also say that with another bias and that with the hope that things in the world will get better with the virus and other political things so we get a respite from the craziness and get a few or 10-20 years of happiness and worldwide relief.

The senate is set to proceed on Tuesday, the day this article went live. We’ll see shortly enough what happens. And whether it deserves a follow up.

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