Just Saw a Commercial – The Buick Massaging Seat

Is it just me or is that the dumbest idea in the world? I mean, when one goes for a massage (well, I don’t do massages, except for with one VERY close to me ) it’s an activity of being one can or should assume will lead to a state of deep relaxation. You see the problem here?

I’m of the opinion that when you’re driving you need to be as attentive as possible. Imagine an already tired driver after driving 14 hours who feels tired but also feels he can keep on driving. He thinks, ah, I’ve got this new Buick and I’m tired as shit from all the cross country driving. Let’s turn on the Buick Massaging Seat, he thinks

2 miles down the road he falls asleep, crosses the center line, rams his Buick whatever head on into a fully loaded semi-truck. As both vehicles were traveling over 50 miles per hour and the semi-truck out massed the Buick whatever by a factor of at least 20, there was nothing left of the Buick or it’s occupants. The Buick basically disintegrated into a shower of metal. Think vaporized. Sure, a piece of a finger will be found here, a piece of the license over there however you can be assured that F=ma will reign supreme in this instance and possibly negatively affect the driver of the semi-truck, however I doubt this will be the case.

Now all these thoughts came to mind as I saw a passing Buick commercial on IMDBtv. I mean, large commercial car manufacturing conglomerates I’m sure are much too smart to put this upgrade in the drivers seat. It could simply be that the massaging seats are only for the front passenger and rear seats and me totally jumping the gun assuming this will be a drivers side addition is probably just a case of another paranoiac conspiracy UFO nut.

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