The Tomorrow War – Amazon Prime

No Spoilers

I just started watching The Tomorrow War 54 minutes and 54 seconds ago. It started getting good about 20 minutes ago and it has been non-stop awesome seat of my pants standing up yelling at the screen telling everyone they need to get the fuck out of there action. Oh my god the anxiety that was running through me while I was watching the first hour has me desperately hooked to watch the remaining 1 hour and 23 minutes. That’s right folks, this movie is FUCKIN (A) AWESOME and if your not watching NOW you totally SUCK. Go and order Amazon Prime RIGHT FUCKIN NOW and watch this. There’s great actors, great minimal comic relief, and GODDAMN AWESOME alien killing action. The scenes are so fast paced with the aliens that I’m not sure how they got all that movie awesomeness in one screen.

And I’m only a third of the way through this. Do you think I like the movie?

Amazon Studios has become one of the powerhouse movie production outfits and they are rolling out movies on the little screen (our home computers and media devices) with everything we want to watch. They’ve got the money to do it right, and I imagine they have less red tape than Hollywood or possibly different kinds of red tape to get movies produced. But hey, Amazon Studios is doing it right and at an awesome pace putting out A NUMBER 1 hits like The Tomorrow War. Amazon, who knew? I might be going out on a limb here but Amazon might just be putting together movies in an organic manner and anyone who has an Amazon Prime account I’m sure will be keeping that account if for no other reason than the amount of quality entertainment they are churning out on a regular basis.

The Tomorrow War is a great watch and is action packed through and through. It’s not a cerebral science fest but a good what if scenario that shows adversity brings out the best in us humans. Sure I doubt this will win any awards or garner more praise than it’s worth, but I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and you will too so get on Amazon Prime and watch this!

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