This Woman Keeps Waking Up With These Mysterious Marks All Over Her Body

Below are some responses I made to that video. On the Unexplained Mysteries channel. Initial Comment:

The three bites is almost positively bed bugs, but in the pictures they seem a bit too far apart. Bed bugs feed breakfast lunch and dinner and the three bites correspond to what I’ve heard, however it could be that what I know is anecdotal. I have experienced them myself, unfortunately, so I can confirm the 3 bite thing, but I remember them being much closer together, the bites.

The following was a reply to a comment:

Yes, mental deterioration, instantiation, execution and victimization is definitely more common than we think. I don’t think the profundity and constant classification of mental ‘disorders’ is a medical thing. I think it’s a human thing. I believe even the most perfect among us have a ‘thing’, maybe not well known, but definitely classifiable, which too often times gets ‘labeled’ as mysterious or as mental aberration, or just plain crazy. It’s just people man. People are the riddle rapped up in enigmas buried in conundrums bow tied with classifications.

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