Don’t Leave Home – Horror

No Spoilers

Another Shudder original I watched over a three day period. Horror. Starts off interesting. There’s a painting, there’s a priest, there’s the handoff, a woman and child, a man and of course the non-descript non-descript thing passed from man to priest. There’s a painting. Then there’s a diorama! You just don’t know which way this movie is gonna go. Or you know exactly where it’s gonna go… I’m always guilty of picking movies based on one sentence, a cool name and really cool cover art.

“Are you frightened of the water?” The young priest looks oddly like father Damian Karras from the Exorcist (the younger of the two fathers). Oddly enough when he’s portrayed later in life in Don’t Leave Home there’s a still an odd resemblance but this movie has nothing to do with the The Exorcist or Damian Karras. That however might set the tone for the spooky premise we’re trying to convey. Not exactly an original trope but there’s some originality to it. The movie runs with an idea well. I can’t place the actress just yet but not bad acting. My guess is I recognize her from a Supernatural episode. The character development is decent and a point comes where we simultaneous feel for our heroines person yet know that her future is, uncertain. Poignant yet without drama.

This movie does many things well. There are a few scenes where the acting and writing are well paired and punctuated by excellent line delivery. The cinematography at some points is downright spooky yet visually stunning at the same time. I thought the cow and sheep were showing disdain and then I realized it was was ignorance in the truest sense of the word. Even that little cut scene was done spookily well. It’s just a fun movie to watch. Moves slow so don’t be jacked up on too much coffee when you watch this one.

This is definitely one for the slow burn category but it tells a good story. There was a little money behind this production because it’s definitely polished and probably spent some good time in post production. A little more so that than most Shudder productions I’ve seen so far. But I liked it. It was spooky. Right up to the end. Kids, there the worst… Definitely would recommend.

I should probably put this one to the second watch…

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