Return to Grace – XBox Game Pass

Return to Grace is a first person game I recently played that can be finished in 2 or 3 hours. There are plenty of puzzles to manipulate as you explore and discover the world of Grace. As the levels progress the puzzles get more challenging and the ‘world’ that can be explored gets larger and more spread out. A little backtracking might be in order however it doesn’t get too repetitive. There are a few forks in the game keeping things interesting and allowing for different “paths” to get to the ultimate destination. This allows for the game to be different on multiple playthroughs.

The story of Return to Grace is a mystery. Humanity had risen to lofty heights with its technological acumen. They created Grace, the ultimate AI. The pinnacle of civilization life was utopian while Grace and the humans live and evolved together. Then one day Grace becomes oddly silent and is never heard from again. 900 years later an archaeologist bound for the moons of Jupiter on a mission to discover what might have happened with Grace is where you come in. Approaching on a dubious and out of control inbound trajectory you hurtle towards one of Jupiter’s moons. With your ship out of control you all but crash land near “The Spire“, the last known location where Grace was housed. By yourself but not alone on this distant moon your ships AI becomes your companion as you leave your ship and follow the path your wrist computer initially maps out. Continuing along well worn paths and crossing several sturdy bridges brings you to some kind of rear maintenance entrance with access to man height air ducts. As you make your way through the maze of air ducts and blowers you eventually find yourself at the entrance to a structure.

As you adventure through the world of Return to Grace you will be joined by several disjointed AI’s which supported the world of Grace. You’ll search for clues and the path forward to ultimately discover Grace and what caused humanities’ greatest achievement to go offline all those 900 years ago.

If you like to solve mysteries, puzzles, and navigating the unknown Return to Grace might be something you’ll enjoy. Plus as mentioned above it can be completed in a short amount of time so you can use it to waste some time or segue to another game.

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