Apostle – Netflix Horror

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Apostle is movie set in what I’m going to guess is about mid to late 1800’s England on a small nearby island or area somewhere thereabouts. A father asks his estranged to son to rescue his kidnapped daughter, his sister, from some heretofore unknown cult. Apparently a ransom has been asked for and raised and after some niceties between father and estranged son, the adventure begins. Even though it seems the tension between father and son may have been ongoing for some years, the father implores the son to put all that aside and to think of only his sister, and to bring her back home. Because of the love a brother has for his sister he’s able to put aside his differences and carry out his fathers wishes.

The atmosphere and environs definitely feel like late 1800’s England, or at least what I imagine of it and I want to say right away that the sets and areas are beautifully filmed. Apostle carries a creepy vibe well all through the movie. The trials and tribulations of what our protagonist goes through in Apostle make this an engaging story. Our protagonist, actor Dan Stevens, is phenomenal in Apostle. His character and his acting is one of the things that made this movie so good for me. I can’t put into words just how good he was, so you’ll have to see the movie to agree with me. You can tell his character is a man of means; a no nonsense gruff man that life maybe has not been so kind to, yet he carries on.

There’s an interesting idea in Apostle and though as far as stories go, it’s not the first to carry this idea in a gripping storyline, but I will say it’s done very well. Forgive the vagary, however this is a movie horror fans should watch and I don’t want to give anything away. There’s definitely supernatural horror afoot so if that’s one of the reasons you might have been interested in watching Apostle, you won’t be disappointed.

Apostle was directed Gareth Evans and written by Gareth Evans. Release in 2018 and featuring Dan Stevens, Richard Elfyn, Michael Sheen, Kristine Froseth, Paul Higgins and a standout Mark Lewis Jones, who delivers a fantastic performance. Apostle is a drama horror fantasy mystery with an IMDb rating of 6.3.

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