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I have played and done a couple of other reviews on Stanley Truchowski and Turnvex games and I enjoyed them so much I looked for other games by this developer. The other games I played and did reviews of were Depth 6 and Suite 776 and the reviews are in those links.

This current game I’ve just played, Minds Eyes, might be one of this developers first games but man oh man it was just as good as the games I mentioned above. Plus the great thing about this game is that it is absolutely free. You can go directly to Steam and look up the title and download it yourself. I noticed when I completed the game that it was a 1.0 version but it’s perfect. No bugs or glitches. The gameplay is superfluous though if you haven’t played many horror type escape room games, I can give this little hint: check every area twice, and then check it again as you move around the house. Minds Eyes took me about an hour to complete and I don’t think this particular game has multiple endings, so I will probably not play again unless I found out that it does. I didn’t find all the irradiated teddy bears; I only found two however I’m pretty sure the other three bears might be located in the maze like section, but not sure, cause I didn’t find them.

Minds Eyes is another horror escape room game where you investigate your environment, move to the different rooms in the house, and search for items that will allow you to progress in the game. Like Stanley’s previous games, it’s not non-stop jump scares. Like the previous games, the scares are expertly planted and when they happen you will have an oh shit moment. This is the thing I enjoyed the most about Stanley Truchowski’s and Turnvex games offerings. They don’t weigh you down with jump scares and the scares are intelligently and possibly randomly planted so you do get that scare.

Plus the fact that it’s free should make this one a no brainer. There were deals on Steam for the previous games I mentioned so if you really like Minds Eyes, then you should have no problem paying the very economical price for the other games. You’ll definitely get your moneys worth.

Minds Eyes can be found on Steam and is FREE!

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