Lost Voyage – Amazon Prime Horror

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Lost Voyage opens at a cruise ship port in Miami, Florida and we see people boarding the ship, Corona Queen. The camera focuses on a family with one child with them telling him they are going on their honeymoon and he (the son) will be staying with his grandmother till his parents get back from honeymoon in a couple weeks. As the ships gets underway the scene cuts to evening as the cruise ship is voyaging on the seas to what looks to be a mild storm. It’s windy and rainy and lightning is striking but seems to be a relatively tame. Then we get some coordinate information printed on the bottom right of the screen reminiscent of X-Files about the ships whereabouts and it seems the cruise ship is heading towards or through the Bermuda Triangle…

Lost Voyage is a great little horror movie with a great cast. It’s reminiscent of 80’s horror but that could be because being older the 80’s are just as far as the 00’s from my point of view. Sure it might be old stuff and similar to stuff you’ve already seen, but that’s because this movie is 10 years old. The horror was done excellently and the lead ups to the various situations on this “ghost ship” are spooky and spaced out nicely. There’s some really nice special effects that were very cool to me and added to the creep factor. Some might say that FX were not so great but remember this film was made in 2001. Plus its a great movie and story so complaints about visual FX don’t really matter.

Additionally, Lance Henriksen, Judd Nelson, the TV juggernaut Jeff Kober, who’s always great, Mark Sheppard (of Crowley/Supernatural fame) and the rest of cast played really well off each other and made Lost Voyage that much better.

The final things I want to say before leaving this review is yes, it’s a great movie and you should watch it. Second, the ending is great. Don’t know why it’s not more iconic, but being horror fans we’ve seen something similar to that ending before. Very well done.

Lost Voyage was directed by Christian McIntire and written by Patrick Phillips. Release in 2001 and featureing Judd Nelson, Lance Henriksen and Jeff Kober. Another notable actor is Mark Sheppard, a young Mark Sheppard, of Supernatural fame (he played Crowley). A suspenseful horror in English with an IMDb rating of 4.6/10. As I was perusing the various sources for information I discovered this was originally made for the Sci Fi Channel on cable TV.

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