Vengeance – Armor Repped Rocket Assault Frigate

Today I am going to write about the Tech 2 Vengeance Assault Frigate. This is an assault frigate that you don’t see too much, whether it’s fit with rockets or missiles. This fit is a dual armor repped fit that costs less than 200m in isk. Most of the ships I list in my series of articles will be a little costly as far as isk goes but not ridiculously. I put these fits together with function in mind, not looks. Thanks to Jones Otsada for the basis of this fit, though I have modified it slightly. Here goes the fit.

  • High Slots
  • 4x Rocket Launcher II
  • 200mm Autocannon (or 150mm fitting is an issue)
  • Medium Slots
  • 5mn Microwarp Drive (bling preferable) or 1mn Afterburner (let fight and your style dictate)
  • Warp Scrambler
  • Thukker Small Cap Battery
  • Low Slots
  • 2x Centii or Coreli (pref. Centii) Small Armor Repairer
  • Thermal Resist (Bling it)
  • Damage Control Unit
  • Ammo: Carry All types of rockets 600 each, carry some Autocannon Ammo
  • Pills: Exile of course
  • Rigs: T2 Capacitor Control Circuit, T2 Auxiliary Nano Pump

On this fit it’s your choice to put on a 5mn microwarp drive or 1mn afterburner. You’ll need to use some judgment and use your own fighting style to dictate which propulsion module you prefer. With this fit you can easily take on a destroyer and couple of frigates, provided you fight smart, keep moving, and never stand still. If your not doing it already, make sure you have your overview zoomed out so you can see the whole battlefield and keep an eye on an escape route.

There’s really nothing special about the fit. Because this fit is cap stable, you could turn on the small armor repairers and let them run full time but I don’t recommend this. The reason is you never want to appear too strong and you’ll mess with people who count booster or rep cycles (I do). Take half to three-quarters of damage and then repair and then turn off reppers. Rinse and repeat. You might not be able to do this if you’re fighting a 3 way because of the continual incoming damage in which case turn on the reppers and leave them on until you can comfortably tank the damage (after killing off a guy or two).

The single thermal resist, and I recommend a bling resist because in the scheme of things, bling thermal resists are cheap. Shouldn’t cost more than 5m so there’s no reason to not have it. Thermal is the only real resist hole the Vengeance has so take care of it.

This fit is also infinitely more flyable and survivable with a set of Asklepian implants. In fact, I highly recommend wearing Asklepian implants but if not, just make sure you get some standard or improved exile pill, and adding a 3% Agency repair booster is also a good idea as those are very cheap as well (about 3.5m). I’m personally big on implants and boosters and most pilots know it, so when they come after me they know and I know they’re implanted and pilled out as well, but there’s nothing wrong with assuming that ;).

A quick note on the picture used above. That picture was made by the ‘Eve Is Easy’ YouTube channel and was used with permission. It’s a great channel and if you enjoy Eve, I highly suggesting checking out some of those videos because they are great! You can see their stuff directly @

UPDATE: A couple days later I actually was fitting up one of these and the fit is slightly different. I will list here so you can compare and use or come up with your own version.

  • HIGH Slots
  • 4x Rocket Launcher II
  • 1x 200mm Autocannon II
  • MID Slots
  • Gistii 1mn Afterburner
  • Caldari Navy Warp Scrambler
  • T2 Stasis Webifier
  • LOW Slots
  • 2x Centii Small Armor Repairers (Can go with cheaper Coreli or T2 at your own risk)
  • Dark Blood Thermal Energized Membrane
  • Assault Damage Control II
  • RIGS: 2x T2 Capacitor Control Circuit
  • Ammo: All rocket types (Rage/Javelin), and some Hail and Barrage for the 1 Autocannon

This adjusted fit benefits from the web and the 2x T2 Capacitor Control Circuit keeps it cap stable, but please not that by swapping the small cap battery for the web you open yourself up to being neuted by a small energy neutralizer. You might be able to handle 1, but don’t push your luck. Refit to battery if you think you might come under heavy neut and swap one of the rigs for a T2 Auxiliary Nano Pump. That fit is actually the one I just put together but honestly I’ve never used this fit with a web, so I will update this article in a few more days and let you guys know how this adjustment went.

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