Bart Simpson and others

I took the picture above about a year, maybe a year and a half ago. It was a piece of sidewalk outside Lincoln High School in northwest Portland, Oregon. This was the high school, Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons and most noticeable here, Bart Simpson, attended and graduated from in 1978. Since then, the plot of land and strip of sidewalk where the school was located is being renovated and new school buildings are being built completely on the other side of the school’s original location. In fact, what used to be the school’s football field is where the majority of the where the high school complex will occupy. Anyways, as part of all this construction, the sidewalk where the above picture used to be was torn up; it was physically ripped out of the ground for widening or whatever. So that piece of sidewalk no longer exists. I hope someone had the forethought to save it, and hopefully not auction it off on eBay. Anyways I had a picture just in case it was carelessly destroyed and thrown away.

Michael Myers?

This picture here to the left I believe is supposed to be Michael Myers, of Halloween fame, but that is just a guess. It was drawn on the sidewalk in some out of the way place in Portland, Oregon. Was done in chalk and as I have walked by the location recently, the painting/chalk picture no longer exists. But it’s immortalized here, on, just as anonymously as originally discovered. I particularly liked this temporary art because of knowing the artist knew it would be temporary. The choice of black and white chalk speaks to its simplicity yet belie the wrinkled brow and laugh (kill) lines etched into this most famous of on-screen fictional killers adding another dimension to the overall face. The blacked-out eyes, big, almost new wave psycho hair cut, and full grim lips tell us that Michael Myers doesn’t give a shit and he needs to see his sister. Chances are this isn’t even Michael Myers. But what it IS is another post on the crazy-ass website that I found kinda cool and interesting and I hope you do too!

One Morning -rj

This was a picture I took one early morning. The colors in the sky were so cool that I just had to snap off a picture. I don’t see this configuration of what seems to be waves of clouds all the way across the sky marching along like an infinite wave train across the dawn sky. Plus with the sun just coming up it gives it that cool sun just coming up pushing through thick atmosphere and ozone scattering lots of red light with the blue of sky peeking out. I’m not a photographer and it’s not a subject I really put any interest into, but I do like to snap pictures of things that look cool and share them on my website.

Well, that’s it for this edition of ‘What Did You Take a Picture Of?’ I should be taking a nice long urban hike sometime soon and there’s are a couple of pictures I’d like to share. I will go look for them in the coming days. Unfortunately, I believe a new building might be obscuring one (it’s a picture of a woman in a wedding dress; it’s about 20 feet tall; or was) of the pictures so for all intents and purposes it may no longer exist. But I’ll swing by its location later today and see if still exists. o/ Have Fun, Live Life.

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