Vape vs. Flower

The last few times I went to the cannabis store/club/place/whatever I picked up vape cartridges for my battery as opposed to buying a half ounce or so of flower. Usually I do buy flower but just a few weeks ago I decided to try going vape instead of flower and to be honest, not sure where I stand.

I think the vape lasts longer, if I compare it dollar to dollar as opposed to x grams vape equaling so many eighths, quarters or whatever in flower. That’s a good thing. However, it seems either my lungs or my body doesn’t agree with all types of vape. Occasionally I will get some kind of vape which actually makes me feel like I’m having problems breathing. This is definitely a red flag if there ever was one but it’s also possible I over reacted cause I was vape stoned. This unfortunately does happen occasionally lol.

I think one of the reasons I’ve even considered wasting time on thinking much less writing about vaping might simply have to do with convenience. Vaping, at least the way I do it, is pretty much straight forward. And how exactly do I do it? I have one of those $7-$10 pencil batteries (that’s how much they are in the cannabis stores; probably a dollar at the flea market) and I usually purchase the 1 gram cartridges which usually last me 3 or 4 days. I try to stay away from the half-gram cartridges because they seem to not last as long, but I will occasionally purchase one if the price is right. Additionally one day some vapeophile (NOTE to world, I copyright the world vapeophile this day) told me something about the process that is used to distill/create the THC oils and apparently the better process involves carbon dioxide (CO2) as opposed to butane and other -ane gases. It has something to do with the extraction of terpenes (?) however I am totally no expert on this area so I’ll leave it up the reader to research that subject further if it’s something you’re interested in. I only note this point because it seems that the darker brown or deep amber colored resins seem to agree with much better than the yellow vegetable oil colored resins. But again, I’m no expert in this area and I just usually look at the THC percentage on the package to help me sway my decision if there’s any ambiguity. Also it seems to me the darker resins/oils actually taste better and if I were to compare, I’d say it had less of a chemical taste, but that’s just my perception and opinion. If someone knows something about this I’d appreciate a comment below. 😉

So for the past couple of months it’s been vape. I have the feeling though that somewhere down the line I’ll want to change the routine up again and go back to flower. Probably comes down to that age old adage “…too much of any one thing…” which is one of those anecdotes I tend to listen to these days so I guess I’m currently in a phase.

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