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UFO. There are at least 3 or 4 movies that go by that moniker. This one however will be easy to find as it’s a German found footage horror movie. Your search for German found footage should make it easy to locate via Amazon Prime search box. I’m a huge fan of found footage and now in this day and age of on demand video, free trials, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Pluto, ad infinitum there’s more sources than ever to select something to watch from.

This German based found footage offering starts off as most do. Nice and slow with the gratuitous character development for the opening scenes and beginning of our film. However the tone of the film changes from that of carefree exploration to a determined and frenzied search for their friend. As things start to get interesting I immediately noticed the clarity of the sound through many of the scenes. The sound was beautifully mixed. For example the complete silence of walking through a forest at night only hearing leaves underfoot crinkling and twigs snapping gives plenty of aural mysteriousness and ambiance to our story. Our our ears perk up and take in all the normal sounds of the forest as ears strain to pick out anything that might be a hazard or sign of their friend. Little things like this go a long way in making a movie memorable.

Additionally, it’s refreshing in a horror movie to see people acting smart. I mean there’s a scene which revolves around the first night they have to sleep out in the forest. Someone suggests they use rope to tie themselves together so they know they’d be safe throughout the night. I mean really mindful and surprisingly useful. Goes long way towards helping in the suspension of disbelief department. However, as the movie would progress this refreshing mindfulness would give way to a haphazard loss of concern for all things safe as they time after time continue to put themselves in deeper trouble and worse positions by digging their proverbial graves deeper through their own ineptitude.

I mean it’s filmed well but there’s nothing new here. The longer the movie runs the more b-roll that seems to fly by. The story and plot were great but I felt it wasn’t done as well as it could have. The movie felt rushed and it seemed they wanted to make sure they got through all the tropes and standard scares. I semi enjoyed this one. I am glad I saw it because it’s my first German found footage flick. I can’t really say it was a great showing but it was worth watching. There were a few good points and scenes in the filming but this is one of those films I probably won’t be having a second viewing of.

Towards the end you really start wondering why they are still filming. It get’s to the point that it doesn’t even make sense. Some things were done real well and others not so much. I might have been guilty of waiting for this movie to be over but when the end came, oh boy did it. I can end by saying something positive and that the ending was very satisfying and made it worth the watch.

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