NASA Weekly News – 2024.01.17

National Aeronautics and Space Administration In this week’s newsletter, learn how the foundation for long-term scientific exploration at the Moon will be established, see how a trailblazing new Earth satellite […]

The Visitor – Blumhouse

I needed to watch The Visitor twice before I was able to put the story together properly. The first time through I’ll admit it was background noise and I wasn’t […]

NASA News – 2023.12.16

In 2023, the agency celebrated astronaut Frank Rubio as the first American astronaut to spend more than one year in space, delivered samples from an asteroid to Earth, and launched […]

Trench 11 and Deathwatch

Trench 11 and Deathwatch were a couple of movies I watched today. Horror stories based on World War II events in all their amalgamations and guises have turned up in […]

NASA News – 12.08.2023

What’s Up for December?Your Personal NASA Guide to the Night Sky The Geminid meteors peak overnight on Wednesday, Dec. 13. Northern Hemisphere observers can look for meteors as early as […]

Spell – PlutoTV

Usually when I feel like watching a movie I will look through the various streaming services I have access to and will peruse the show bill (movie poster), non spoiler […]